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Pot Tracker
Pot Tracker is an Android based application that is designed specifically for the marijuana dispensary business and other businesses similarly operated. This application uses a bluetooth scanner or the Android's built-in scanner to read a barcoded driver's license to identify customers of the dispensary. It keeps a history of all transactions by customers, accepts orders and keeps all the information in a database for display and later retrieval. Cost $189.00



Mobile Identifier
Mobile Identifier is an Android based application that is an age verification and identification based program. It reads barcoded driver's licenses with a bluetooth scanner or the Android's build-in scanner, computes age, verifies the validity of the license data and determines if the license is expired, invalid, under age and more. It keeps a database of all transactions for display and retrieval. Cost $179.00



Direct from the Manufacturer the ID2001 Magnetic Strip Scanner (Portable) from Cyberwurks, Magnetic Strip ONLY: Receive free Compliance software with your purchase, and a 3 yr. No labor warranty. ID2001 can be used as Portable or Counter top perfect for C-stores and Vapor Stores..Bars, Clubs, & restaurants.. For -Magnetic Strip States Scanning Only - Hold up to 4,000 records memory. ready to downloads anytime. Extremely portable, runs on AA batteries, or powered by the USB when directly connected to the PC. Cost $369.00



The No.1# Choice is the New Portable ID AGE VERIFICATION DEVICE- ID-e3000p with 2D BARCODE Reads ALL USA & CANADA Stores 4000 records in memory and comes with FREE software and USB cable to get data records out...per State enforcement. Cost $875.00



IDBase is a database program for license data capture, report, display and upload. Each device that can run the Identifier program can be connected to a PC running IDBase, and all the records in that device can be uploaded to your PC. You can run birthday reports, print labels, compose text ads and more. It is the very best database for use with license data and due diligence merchants and proprietors.Cost $109.00



The ID DLL is for developers wishing to add The Identifier functionality to their custom programs. The developer simply links our DLL into his/her program and with a simple function call, has at his or her disposal the full functionality of The Identifier program within their program. Cost $125.00



The ID VFI is ID software that runs on a Verifone Omni 3730 terminal or equivalent. It is a multi-application terminal. It has screen addressable keys and eight line display, it's ease of use is unmatched. It reads magnetic stripe driver's licenses and barcoded licenses (with an optional barcode wand, E-Seek). It will read license number, date of birth, expiration date, name, address, city, state, and zip code of all magnetic striped encoded licenses. The Omni 3730 with the ID program can hold over 10,000 records. It uses a faster processor and the cost is substantially lower than previous models. Plus, the Omni 3730 can have many different programs installed at the same time, so in addition to the ID program, there can be a credit card application, a time clock application and many others. Cost is $395.


The IDPC is the Windows version of The Identifier Software. By simply adding a magnetic stripe reader and/or a barcode wand to your PC, you automatically have the ultimate in age verification software at your fingertips. It reads all the information from the license or i.d. and saves all transactions in memory for mailing lists, customer letters, Cost $109.00 etc.