IDBase is the perfect Windows PC based database program for saving and manipulating license and identification data. It has the following features:

View Database

The purpose of this screen is to display all records currently in the database. The data includes name, address, city, state, zip, dl number, birth date, license expiration date, sex, height, weight, hair color, eye color and Tag (a status assigned to the license holder of vip, banned and several other options. By clicking on an individual record, a pop up window appears with all the data clearly displayed including a photo if one is available.

Data Screen

The Data Screen allows for transfer of data from any one of the available ID Machines registered with Cyberwurks to IDBase. This can be done in a batch mode where all records from the ID Machine are transferred or in real time mode where each individual transaction can be transferred as it occurs. Records can be filtered by dl number, address, name, city, state, birth date and zip code.

Label Screen

This screen allows for the printing of address labels using standard labels. Labels can be printed for 1) All Customers, 2) Only Birthday Customers, 3)Customers Under 18, 4) Customers Under 21, and 5) Customers 21 and Over.

Letter Screen

This screen allows for the printing of letters to the customer base. Letters can be printed for 1)All Customers, 2) Only Birthday Customers, 3) Customers Under 18, 4) Customer Under 21, and 5) Customers 21 and Over.

Reports Screen

This screen provides the capability to print various categorized listings of customers. They include 1) All Customers, 2) Customers Birthday by Month, 3) Under 18, 4) Under 21 and, 5) 21 and over

Options Screen

This screen provides several options for maintenance and setup of all the operations of the database. They include 1) Database Options, 2) Business Information, 3) User Information, 4) Letter Setup, 5) Label Setup, 6) Label Templates and 7) Tags - Tags are a particular status given to members of the database such as VIP, Banned, Frequent Visitor, etc. Tags can be setup and changed easily. $109.00.

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