1. Reads magnetic stripe and barcode (with optional barcode scanner - NOT INCLUDED) encoded licenses.
2. Reads name, address, city, state, zip code, license number, date of birth and expiration date.
3. Computes and displays age along with name.
4. Alarm sounds if age is under 21 and a different alarm sounds if under 18 years of age.
5. Alarm sounds and warning message displays if license is expired.
6. Alarm sounds and displays warning message if license invalid.
7. Optionally prints a receipt with name, address, city, state, zip code, state id number,
license number, date of birth, expiration date, age, EXPIRED if license expired or INVALID if not a valid license.
8. Optionally reprints a receipt.
9. Optionally saves all transactions for later printing or uploading to a PC.
10. Summary report of all transactions plus totals including breakout of the number of under 21 licenses swiped and the number of under 18 licenses swiped.
11. Customer mailing labels capability with PC software, which creates a Microsoft Access DataBase and automatically prints labels.
12. Credit, ATM, check guarantee, Electronic Benefits Transfer, loyalty program, time and attendance and others optionally available with The Identifier ID3300.
13. Printed receipt alerts merchant to license holder birthday or user selectable senior discount eligibility.
14. Option to inhibit receipt printing for customer protection if desired.
15. Manager mode to allow for changing merchant information, password selection, 
downloading and printing options.
16. Convenient remote download of program updates.
17. Eight-line display for ease of use.
18. Menu driven program selections with screen-addressable keys.
19. One-year warranty on the terminal and software with one-year warranty on the printer.
20. Program modifications available on request.
21. Credit card validation option (ensures that the holder of a credit card is the owner of the card).
22. Negative file option to exclude certain individuals from entry.
23. Count feature to inform manager of the number of license scans by clerks.
24. Optional alert to clerk to check license if age is under 30.
25. For additional security, the ID3730 offers the option of reading and saving height, weight, sex, eye and hair color.
26. Duplicate Entry feature to alert the user of a license scanned more than once per day.
27. Clerk number/name and totals to track clerk scans much like a restaurant environment.


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